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DAUST to develop and manufacture tractors in partnership with CleBer/Oggun (USA)

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The Dakar American University of Science & Technology (DAUST) is working with CleBer/Oggun to provide sustainable solutions to African farmers.

Indeed, CleBer/Oggun has partnered with DAUST to jointly develop and manufacture new 2-wheel tractors adapted to the needs of local farmers and based on the CleBer/Oggun small farm mechanization platform architecture.

The design and manufacturing of these new tractors will be lead by DAUST students and faculty, and Senegal will serve as a pilot. The goal is to scale it up in other neighboring countries. 

The outcome of this project will be an affordable 2-Wheel tractor that can be manufactured in local communities throughout Africa.  This, for the first time, will put affordable mechanization into the hands of smallholder farmers.  It will contribute to food security and economic growth smallholder farmers as well as creating additional jobs in manufacturing and the service sector. Providing lasting innovative solutions remain at the heart of the philosophy of DAUST and an integral part of the mission of CleBer/Oggun.

Stay tuned, working together for a brighter future for all thanks to science and technology.

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