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Through PARC, DAUST aims to inspire future Engineers & Innovators

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The Dakar American University of Science & Technology (DAUST) had the priviledge to host the 2022 Pan African Robotics Competition, under the theme “Sustainable impact, developing technological innovations that ensure economic, environmental and social well being”. There were 4 leagues with sub themes as follows:

1. Stars League
Teams were challenged to build drones and robots to prevent flooding, reduce the impact of drought and implement resilient farming. #SDG13.

2. Tech League
Improving availability of safe drinking water, sanitation and energy using Robotics, #SDG6

3. Engineers league
focusing on the future of transportation - reimagining how humans can augment the capability of intelligent robots in a task of prevalence of autonomous parcel delivery, #SDG11.

4. Makers League
The focus in this league was on ending hunger in Africa, SDG2. I had the honour of serving as one of the judges for this league. Teams across several African countries, including the motherland Zimbabwe, were challenged to end hunger in Africa by leveraging science and technology to increase food security and contribute to the achievement of #SDG2.

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