• 2020 Summer Short Programs

    Professional education courses at DAUST are designed with the needs of the working professional in mind. They provide busy professionals the opportunity to enhance their careers and toolkits, and improve their resumes. Courses run from days to weeks and are targeted to particular industries or skill sets. Practical learning, field examples, and real life applications are emphasized. DAUST Professional Education courses focus on innovation and help professionals navigate the modern day workplace.

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  • Covid19

    The Dakar American University of Science and Technology (DAUST) is closely monitoring the potential spread of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Senegal. In response to COVID-19 and the Senegalese government’s recently announced contingency plan to prevent the propagation of the epidemic, DAUST is suspending classes March 16 – 20. This decision allows for a transition to remote teaching. Starting March 23rd, all classes will be taught online utilizing remote access through the University’s MyDAUST Portal. There will be no in-person class sessions until further notice. The university offices will remain open.

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  • Apply Now

    high-school graduates, transfer students, and master's and doctoral candidates who dare to imagine, invent, and innovate.

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DAUST provides unparalleled Science & Engineering programs with world-class faculty.



At DAUST, we investigate the most challenging problems in science and engineering.



A unique innovation ecosystem to spur new technologies and expand job opportunities.


    Applications now open for FALL 2020 Admission

    DAUST offers:

    • a four-year Bachelor's degree in the areas of Sciences and Engineering
    • a strong foundation in Mathematics/Sciences with laboratory components and an early student involvement in the engineering design process
    • a curriculum oriented towards engineering design and technology development

    Submit your online application today: http://daust.org/apply

  • Applications now open for FALL 2020 Admission

Dakar American University of Science & Technology

DAUST campus is located in Somone, a beautiful coastal area known for its natural beauty, bird reserves, and best stretch of beach anywhere in Senegal.