Departments and Programs

2-Year PREPA Program

DAUST’s 2-year PREPA program consists of two very intensive years of preparatory courses in mathematics, physics, chemical, and biological sciences. These courses are complemented with introductory engineering courses. Students who complete the 2-year PREPA program can choose to either continue their undergraduate degree in DAUST or elect to enroll in one of the top universities in the West.

2-Year PREPA Science and Engineering courses. In addition, student also take a couple of English and Liberal Arts courses.
Mathematics Physics
Single Variable Calculus General Physics I
Multi Variables Calculus General Physics II
Differential Equations Modern Physics
Linear Algebra Solid State Physics
Statistics and Probability Quantum Mechanics
Discrete Math  
Chemistry & Biology Engineering
Fundamentals of Biology Engineering Design Laboratory I
General Chemistry I Engineering Design Laboratory II
General Chemistry II Introduction to Programming
Organic Chemistry Numerical Methods in Engineering
Physical Chemistry Electrical Circuits
Biological Chemistry History of Invention