Professional Education

2019 Summer Short Programs

Professional education courses at DAUST are designed with the needs of the working professional in mind. They provide busy professionals the opportunity to enhance their careers and toolkits, and improve their resumes. Courses run from days to weeks and are targeted to particular industries or skill sets. Practical learning, field examples, and real life applications are emphasized. DAUST Professional Education courses focus on innovation and help professionals navigate the modern day workplace.

Costs for DAUST Professional Education courses vary. All courses include a personalized Professional Certificate of Achievement. Enhance your career today and earn recognition from the leading experts in industry and academia.


  • Increase your marketability in the job market. Add specific job-related knowledge, skills, and certificates to your resume to better position yourself for improved roles and career transitions.
  • Flexibility. Courses are taught on multiple dates throughout the year resulting in multiple options and flexibility.
  • Added value. Many of our courses provide Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and other certifications in addition to reference materials that can be used in the workplace.

List of Short Courses for the 2019 Summer Short Program

Course Name Instructor Length
Data Analysis with the R Programming Amadou Toure, Ph.D 1 week
Cyber Security Seny Kamara, Ph.D 1 week
Big Data Daby Sow, Ph.D 1 week
Machine Learning Daby Sow, Ph.D 1 week
Introduction to Computer Science with Python Ousmane Amadou Dia, Ph.D 1 week
Practical Resource Characterization for Oil & Gas Fields for Reservoir Engineers Quinta N.-Warren, Ph.D 1 week
Justifying New Drill Locations and Behind Pipe Potential Quinta N.-Warren, Ph.D 1 week
Introduction to Arduino Amadou Toure, Ph.D 1 week
Nano/Micro Fabrication Sidy Ndao, PhD 1 week
Climate Change: From Science to Solutions Ousmane Ndiaye, PhD 1 week
Transient Analysis in Power Systems with EMTP-RV Mamadou Lam, PE 1 week
Power Plant Performance Monitoring and Maintenance Ousmane Diallo, PhD 1 week



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