At a Glance



Dakar American University of Science & Technology provides instruction and research opportunities for undergraduates and graduates in fields of engineering and technology that are useful in developing technological solutions to address Africa’s societal needs and challenges.

An American-style education with an international reputation for excellence: A five-year engineering degree, small, discussion-based classes; a collaborative relationship between students and faculty; a special emphasis on critical thinking, clear communication, and entrepreneurship.

A world-class research institute supported by State-of-the-Art interdisciplinary research laboratories.

The overarching goals of DAUST are to:

  • Provide a State-of-the-Art American Education in the areas of Sciences and Engineering to African and foreign students
  • Educate African students to become engineering professionals who are highly marketable and have practical skills
  • Train African students to become world leaders in cutting-edge basic and applied research in Engineering

DAUST accomplishes these goals by:

  • Having a diverse faculty committed to engineering education
  • Providing a strong foundation in mathematics and science
  • Establishing an outstanding engineering design and technology development oriented curriculum
  • Incorporating a strong laboratory component that is supported by unparalleled laboratory facilities, and
  • Encouraging early-stage student involvement in the Engineering Design process through cooperative education and student engineering organizations

Innovative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

To promote entrepreneurship within its community, DAUST has institutionalized a set of measures to enable students to be more innovative and entrepreneurial. Among these measures are:

  • The offering of a minor in entrepreneurship
  • The creation of a makerspace and incubator on campus
  • A University-run foundation whose mission is to specifically fund student-based startups

Extension Programs for Societal Impact

DAUST extension aims to translate DAUST’s research-based knowledge and expertise into impactful resources to the public at large. This is carried out by delivering research-based education, information, and know-how to Senegalese residents in the areas of agriculture, natural resources, and STEM education. DAUST’s extension materials are delivered through its website in the form of video tutorials and printable documents, on-field training, seminars, and workshops. DAUST’s extension program is an important piece to support its mission to impact the day-to-day life of its constituents.