Interview DAUST President, Dr Ibrahima KA



It is a pleasure to share with you this interview in which I talk about DAUST, where I have the honor of being the President-in-office.

DAUST was born from a will to contribute to the development of Africa through a different and ambitious approach to provide college training for the African youth. With the expertise of our human resources in the fields of science and technology, we strongly believe that our continent will be capable of imposing and developing itself in today’s and tomorrow’s world. The numerous technological innovations that young Africans are proposing in the context of the fight against the pandemic of the COVID-19 constitute a clear confirmation of that vision. Besides, one thing worthy of note is the fact that those initiatives, which are still scattered and stagnant at a prototypical level, is a matter of concern that should drive our leaders into promoting STEM learning as a solution for the development of our continent.

In line with the vision of its founder, the eminent Professor Sidy Ndao, DAUST is currently working hard to equip its students with knowledge and skills through a project-based model of education. Our teaching philosophy draws from the Anglo-Saxon mode,l centered on the concept of learning by doing, in a way that coheres with social and cultural values found on the continent. Dedicated laboratories, as well as young and ambitious academic and administrative staffs with international experience, support our training system. I seize this occasion to recognize their accomplishment and express my gratitude to them.

Beyond the traditional campus-based teaching and learning, DAUST has put in place an online teaching and learning system via platforms such as MyDAUST and Thanks to that system, there has been no interruption of the training at DAUST, where classes have been carried on in the best possible conditions, despite the prevalent health situation.

With university courses coupled with open-mindedness and openness to international relations, DAUST has become a remarkable springboard. Our research and exchange programs, as well as projects with American universities such as University of Nebraska-Lincoln, are among many initiatives that provide our students opportunities for engaged learning and leadership.

On behalf of DAUST faculty and staff, I reiterate to all students and parents, our seamless commitment to offer courses of supreme quality for our common future and the future of Mother Africa.