Departments and Programs

2-Year PREPA Program

DAUST’s 2-year PREPA program consists of two intensive years of preparatory courses in mathematics, physics, chemical, and biological sciences. These courses are complemented with introductory engineering courses. Students who complete the 2-year PREPA program can choose to either continue their undergraduate degree in DAUST or elect to enroll in one of the top universities abroad.

2-Year PREPA Science and Engineering courses. In addition, student also take a couple of English and Liberal Arts courses.
Mathematics Physics
Single Variable Calculus General Physics I
Multi Variables Calculus General Physics II
Differential Equations Modern Physics
Linear Algebra Solid State Physics
Statistics and Probability Quantum Mechanics
Discrete Math  
Chemistry & Biology Engineering
Fundamentals of Biology Engineering Design Laboratory I
General Chemistry I Engineering Design Laboratory II
General Chemistry II Introduction to Programming
Organic Chemistry Numerical Methods in Engineering
Physical Chemistry Electrical Circuits
Biological Chemistry History of Invention