DAUST English Professional Program



The DAUST ENGLISH PROGRAM FOR PROFESSIONALS (DEPP) is a training program designed for professionals with a beginner or intermediate level of English. It provides participants with the language skills necessary for daily conversations, as well as professional communications.

For confidence and fluency, it lays a particular stress on grammar, and pronunciation. Classes are fully interactive and offer the opportunity for stress-free practice of the language. A certificate will attest successful participation in the program.


Resources for this training are available on MyDaust platform and include downloadable YouTube videos, PDF documents, lecture notes that are displayed on MyDAUST throughout the program. The syllabus clearly indicates when it is appropriate to work on a specific resource.

The quality of education highly depends on teachers’ level of qualification. Therefore, we provide you with certified, resourceful and dedicated teachers, specialized in Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language. They make themselves available to participants throughout the program, and you are welcome to text, call or email them at any time for your questions or concerns. You can also request a physical meeting with them if necessary to review some content of the program.


This section of the program suggests topics for discussion that participants are encouraged to use to practice specific language functions. Learners can make video or audio recordings of themselves or share their thoughts about those topics during immersion sessions.


Language immersion sessions are organized every Saturday. While these sessions are partly for content review, they also represent a unique opportunity for participants to practice what they learn with their peers through casual conversations over tea or coffee. In order to earn a certificate, each participant is required to attend all immersion sessions. The total number of points for attendance is 10. After one excusable absence, the participant loses one point for each absence. Two or more absences will require make-up sessions at the expense of the participant (CFA 10,000 per week) and will obviously cause delay in the certification process. Henceforth, we encourage everybody to keep pace with the progression of the group.


Throughout the program, learners' mastery of the course content is periodically assessed through online forum discussion or quizzes. Tests scores are available immediately upon completion and teachers share general feedback during immersion sessions.


Participants are required to work on a project of their choice that they will present during the last week of the program. A jury will be put in place to assess the performance of the presenters. PowerPoint slides are mandatory and DAUST staff is available to assist participants with limited skills in PowerPoint presentation.


At the start, a placement test is administered to determine the level of the participants. An exit placement test is administered at the end of the program in order to determine participants’ level of English at the closure of the program. The final placement test will count for 10% toward the final grade.