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Research at DAUST

DAUST boosts an array of world-class interdisciplinary research centers to address current Africa’s societal challenges and investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science while exploring new technologies to keep Africa’s future economies competitive and improve human well-being.

Global Grand Challenges

The Global and Interdisciplinary nature of DAUST's research centers brings together faculty members, researchers, and graduate students from across various countries and disciplines.

Featured Faculty Publications

  • Hamed, A., Ndao, S., “NanoThermoMechanical AND and OR Logic Gates," Nature Scientific Reports, 10, 2437, 2020
  • Hamed, A., Ndao, S., “Non-linear Displacement Mechanisms of Thermally Actuated MEMS Chevron," Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems, 29(2), 255-259, 2020
  • Jaberi, A., Esfahani, A. M., Aghabaglou, F., Park, J. S., Ndao, S., Tamayol, A., Yang, R., “Microfluidic Systems with Embedded Cell Culture Chambers for High Throughput Biological Assays," ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, To appear in ACS Applied Bio Materials, 2020
  • Elzouka, M., Ndao, S., “Enhanced Thermal Radiation via Interweaved L Slots," Optics Express, 27(6), 353405, 2019
  • Hamed, A., Elzouka, M., Ndao, S., “Thermal Calculator," International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 134, 359-365, 2019
  • Kruse, C., Tsubaki, A., Zuhlke, C., Alexander, D., Anderson, M., Peng, E., Shield, J., Ndao, S., Gogos, G., “Influence of Copper Oxide on Femtosecond Laser Surface Processed Copper Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Surfaces," Journal of Heat Transfer, 141, 051503, 2019

Faculty Patents

  • Ndao, S., Gogos, G., Alexander, D., Anderson, T. and Zuhlke, C., “Leidenfrost Droplet Microfluidics," US10792660B1
  • Anderson, T., Ndao, S., Zuhlke, C., Alexander, D. and Gogos, G., " Control of Change of Phase Through Physical Surface Shaping," U.S. Patent Application No. 14/595,452
  • Ndao, S., Elzouka, M., "Near-Field Heat Transfer Enabled Nanothermomechanical Memory and Logic Devices," U.S. US10020010B1
  • Ndao, S., Gogos, G., Alexander, D., Anderson, T. and Zuhlke, C., Entitled “Monolithic Hierarchical Structures Micro Heat Pipe (MHSµHP)," US10267567B1
  • Sall, A. A., Diagne, C. T., Ndao, S., “Microsystem Label for Sample Tubes” submitted 11/13/2017, pending
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Office of Research & Extension

The Office of Research and Extension overviews the overall management of DAUST's Research entreprise. The Office of Research supports DAUST's faculty, students, and Partners through:
  • University / Industry partnership
  • Sponsored research
  • Research centers
  • Undergraduate research program
  • Extension program
DAUSTEextension aims to translate DAUST’s research-based knowledge and expertise into impactful resources to the public at large. This is carried out by delivering research-based education, information, and know-how to Senegalese citizens and beyond in the areas such as agriculture, health, and STEM education.
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