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Join Us at DAUST

Do you wish to have an elite American Engineering Education but want to still be close to home? Well, your wish has just been granted, DAUST offers the best of the two worlds: best Education in Senegal at a fraction of the cost to study in USA, UK, Canada, etc.

Scholarships Financial Aid


Discount with BAC 15+


Discount with BAC 13.5 - 14.9


Discount with BAC 12 - 13.4

Total Yearly Cost: 3 813 500 F CFA


Payments can be made in monthly installments of 275 000 F CFA per month

2 700 000 FCFA


Paid through two installments at the beginning of each semester (Optional)

550 000 F CFA


60 000 F CFA/ month (Optional)

540 000 F CFA


school Insurance, activity fees, etc.

23 500 FCFA

Admission Procedures & Requirements

All admission decisions are based on an assessment of the academic foundation needed for success in the required courses at DAUST. For all admissions questions, contact us at [email protected] or call us on: +221 78 128 4458, +221 77 48825 15  (Senegal-Mobile and WhatsApp).

First-Year Undergraduate Student

  • Start by submitting the online application
  • Submit official documents to the Office of Admissions (High school diploma or equivalent)
  • Submit Transcripts from 11th and 12th grades (Premiere and Terminale)
  • Pay Application fees of 30 000 FCFA

Transfer Student

  • Start by submitting the online application
  • Submit official degree transcripts from previous schools to the Office of Admissions
    Pay Application fees of 30 000 FCFA

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DAUST recognized by the Government

Yes, DAUST is a national and international recognized university. We have the habilitation from ANAQ-Sup (L’Autorité Nationale d’Assurance Qualité de l’enseignement Supérieur)

Do I need to speak English to be admitted to DAUST

No, you don’t need to speak English to be admitted to DAUST. After admission, DAUST offers a one semester Intensive English Program (IEP) for non-English speakers.

Can I transfer to an American University after two years at DAUST

Yes, you can transfer to any University in North America or elsewhere after 2 years at DAUST. Additionally, DAUST has signed a partnership with the University of Nebraska (UNL) for a joint 2 + 2 Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Will I get a job after my degree from DAUST

DAUST is a highly reputable and prestigious institution with a strong track record of producing successful graduates. The education and training that students receive at DAUST are often highly valued by employers, and the institution has a wide network of industry connections that can be helpful in securing employment. To this day, 100% of DAUST graduates are fully employed.

Hey, I am Aicha, in charge of Admissions & Recruitment, how can I help you?

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