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5 Year Engineering Degree

DAUST undergraduate curriculum consists of both a sequence of courses that encompasses the full five years of a student’s time in the program and an extensive set of related co-curricular activities.

Computer Science

College of Engineering.

Computer science majors learn about computer systems. Instruction includes programming and the theory and design of software. Graduates from this program work in areas as diverse as: Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Software Development, Web Technology, Games and graphics, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

College of Engineering.

Mechanical engineer’s interests encompass the design of automotive and aerospace systems, bioengineering devices, and energy-related technologies.. Graduates from this program work in areas as diverse as: Aerospace, Energy, Robotics, Material Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, etc.

Electrical Engineering

College of Engineering.

Electrical Engineering major applies mathematical and physical principles to a wide variety of electrical, electronic, computer-based devices and systems. Graduates from this program work in areas as diverse as: Microelectronics, Robotics, Communication, Power & Transmission, etc.

2 + 2 Joint Bachelor Degree with the University of Nebraska

DAUST’s 2-year PREPA program consists of two intensive years of preparatory courses in Sciences & Foundation of Engineering. After completion, student elect to complete their degree at DAUST or enroll in one of the top universities abroad.

DAUST has signed a partnership with the University of Nebraska (UNL) for a joint 2 + 2 Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering.

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