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Research at DAUST is an interdisciplinary and collaborative international R&D innovation enterprise to address current Africa’s societal challenges and investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in science while exploring new technologies to keep Africa’s future economies competitive and improve human well-being.

DAUST-IRESSEF Global Health Technology Research Center

The goal of the CENTER is to bring transformational improvements in health and care through Engineering research at the interface of life/medical sciences and technology; and to provide DAUST and IRESSEF with strengthened educational capabilities in these fields.

The CENTER’s research thrust, hosted at IRESSEF site, is motivated by the following related research/industry opportunities:

  • Precision Medicine
  • Microfluidics & Point-of-Care Technologies
  • Sample Transport, Coldchain, and BioBanking
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Neurotechnology
  • Process Automation

Advanced Energy Research Center

The mission of CENTER is to develop innovations that can contribute to advancing safe, reliable, affordable, and clean energy for society through global collaboration, science and technology innovation, and applied research.

The CENTER’s research thrust is motivated by the following related research/industry opportunities:

  • Advanced Power Generation
  • Oil & Gas exploration
  • Energy Storage
  • Grid Modernization
  • Efficient Electrification
  • Renewable Energy

Smart Agriculture Technology Research Center

The Center for Smart Agricultural Technologies is a collaborative initiative between DAUST and industries involved in agriculture to develop and deploy innovative solutions to improve the efficiency, productivity, and sustainability of agricultural practices. The center focuses on research and development of advanced technologies such as precision agriculture and livestock, food science, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, and robotics, and their application in agriculture.

Center for Earth System Sciences & Remote Sensing Technologies

The goal of these centers is to deepen our understanding of the Earth’s systems through research on remote sensing applied to earth, atmospheric, environmental, and marine sciences; as well as to develop innovative solutions to the challenges facing the African continent, such as climate change, natural disasters, and ecosystem degradation.

DAUST engineers demonstrate the use of machine learning models to detect, and classify marine species using underwater drones fitted with high resolution video imaging.

Smart Cities Research Center

The Smart Cities Research Center is dedicated to conducting research and development projects focused on improving the quality of life in urban areas through the application of advanced technologies and data analysis techniques. The aim of the center is to develop innovative solutions that address urban challenges and improve the sustainability, resilience, and livability of cities.

Ongoing project on the 3D mapping of the city of Somone.

Robotics & AI

DAUST Center on Robotics & AI is a hub of interdisciplinary research and education, fostering innovation at the intersection of robotics and artificial intelligence. It serves as a collaborative space where students, faculty, and industry partners converge to advance cutting-edge technologies, address societal challenges, and shape the future of autonomous systems.

Some of our research areas include:

  • Deep & Reinforcement Learning
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Autonomous Systems
  • Machine Learning for Robotics
  • Robotic Sensing and Perception
  • Generative AI

Center Directors

Dr. Timothy Wei

Associate Director of Research

Dr. Tagbo Niepa

co-Director, Health

Dr. Lamine Toure

Dr. Lamine Toure

co-Director, Health

Dr. El Hadji Amadou Gning

Director, Robotics & AI

Dr. Sidy Ndao

Director, Nano & Quantum Engineering

Research Associates & Affiliates

Dr. Ismaila Seck

Affiliate, Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Dr. Mamadou Diop

Associate, Material Sciences

Dr. Ousmane Ndiaye

Affiliate, Atmospheric Science

University & Industry Partnerships

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