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The Visiting Faculty Program at DAUST

Welcome to the Visiting Faculty Program at Dakar American University of Science and Technology! Teach, research, and unwind in harmony! DAUST invites you to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of Somone, Senegal, as you contribute to Africa's educational future. It's not just any visiting faculty position; it's an enriching experience in the best of both worlds.

Why Choose DAUST?

Global Impact

Contribute to training the next generation of African world-class engineers and making a lasting impact on the continent

Research Opportunities

Engage in cutting-edge research projects alongside our talented students and local faculty members.

Cultural Exchange

Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Senegal, creating meaningful connections and experiences.

Tailored Program

Embark on a sabbatical, indulge in a months-long residency, or seize a shorter teaching and research stint. Whichever suits your goals, DAUST welcomes you.

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