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Free consultation days organized by the students of the “Yaay Ak Doom” project  

By February 21, 2022March 23rd, 2023Project2 min read

“Yaay ak Doom” is a project providing medical assistance to pregnant women in remote areas. In partnership, with the town hall and the local medical center, DAUST organized a two days free consultation for pregnant women in Somone area (Thursday 06, Friday 07)

As part of the project YAAY ak DOOM, the smart mirror was deployed those days to assist the midwives in their duties. That was for the students an opportunity to show their project to the community , and test it in order to get feedbacks.

For the first day, they went there at 8am, and the consultation started around 09am. They organized themselves in subgroups having one team member inside and she was taking datas of the patients,  while some of the students were explaining the project to the ladies in the waiting room, and the others students were going to the pharmacy to buy the pharmaceuticals. They had at least 14 women that were doing postnatal and prenatal consultation and they took their datas with the help of the midwives, named Coumba and Khady.

The usefulness of this consultation, add to assisting the vulnerable population, consisted to test the efficiency of the device effectively, with the pregnant women by taking their weight, height, blood pressure, verifying if they were well-fed, to see if something is not going well and if they are taking the medicines that were prescribed, and at the end they tell them their next appointment. And for the women that were on there post pattern phase, it consisted of taking their weight, blood pressure, the weight of their babies, their height, to also verify if their babies are well-fed, and verify if their babies are vaccinated, try to detect if something was going wrong .

The second day was pretty much the same, they got around 11 cases and helped them to do their check-ups,  see if they are feeling well, what they should take to avoid risks etc..

This consultation allowed to the students to know more about the consultations, what we have to improve in our platform, have a medical point of view of the prototype in general.

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