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In a pioneering collaboration, Dakar American University of Science & Technology (DAUST) and SEED Academy proudly announce the launch of “SEEDSporTech,” a cutting-edge suite of sports technology solutions designed to elevate scouting and sports performance analysis for African players and clubs.

The SEEDSporTech suite comprises three revolutionary technologies: SEEDwear, SEEDtrack, and SEEDball. Each leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to provide unprecedented insights into player performance, tactical planning, injury prevention, scouting, fan engagement, and officiating.

SEEDwear: Redefining Performance Analysis

SEEDwear is a state-of-the-art wearable technology that seamlessly integrates with athletes’ gear, capturing real-time data on biometrics, movements, and actions. This breakthrough technology enables coaches and performance analysts to gain comprehensive insights into players’ physical condition, allowing for precise adjustments to optimize performance and minimize the risk of injuries.

SEEDtrack: Precision Scouting and Tactical Planning

SEEDtrack utilizes advanced tracking algorithms to monitor players’ movements on the field with unparalleled accuracy. This technology not only enhances scouting efforts by providing in-depth performance metrics but also empowers coaches with the tools needed for strategic and tactical planning, giving teams a competitive edge.

SEEDball: Revolutionizing Fan Engagement and Officiating

SEEDball takes sports engagement to a new level by delivering real-time data on the ball’s trajectory, speed, and position. This technology not only enhances fan experience but also provides referees with precise information, contributing to fair and accurate officiating.

The partnership between DAUST and SEED Academy signifies a commitment to advancing sports technology in Africa and fostering the development of homegrown talent. By combining DAUST’s expertise in science and technology with SEED Academy’s dedication to sports development, the collaboration aims to transform the landscape of African sports.


We are thrilled to embark on this groundbreaking journey with SEED Academy, SEEDSporTech represents a paradigm shift in sports technology, offering a comprehensive solution to elevate the performance of African players and clubs.”

Said Amadou Gallo Fall, President Basketball Africa League (BAL) at NBA

The SEEDSporTech suite is set to revolutionize sports performance analysis in Africa, marking a significant milestone in the intersection of technology and sports on the continent

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